Due to its sturdiness and timeless beauty, Make Cherry Wood Furniture Look Modern has been a traditional option for homeowners for decades. But, as times have changed, so has the home decor style. The traditional look of cherry wood furniture may only sometimes fit into modern home designs. But fear not; with a few simple tweaks, you can transform your cherry wood furniture into a modern and stylish addition to your home décor.

Step 1: Paint it.

  • Choose a stylish color
  • Paint the entire piece or just parts of it
  • Sand the edges for a distressed look
Paint it.

Step 2: Add modern hardware

  • Swap out traditional hardware for sleek, current options
  • Choose simple, geometric shapes and finishes like brushed nickel or matte black

Step 3: Mix and match.

  •  Incorporate other contemporary furniture pieces or decor items into the room
  • To produce a uniform appearance, choose neutral colors.
  • Feel free to combine various materials and styles.
Mix and match

Step 4: Upholster it. 

  • Choose a modern fabric
  • Upholster the seat or back of a chair or sofa
  • To create a statement, choose a striking color or pattern.

Step 5: Change the legs. 

  • Replace traditional portions with modern ones
  • Choose tapered or hairpin legs for a mid-century modern look
  • Paint or stain the legs to match the new color scheme

Step 6: Refinish it. 

  • Sand down the original finish
  • Apply a new stain or finish in a modern color. 
  • For a stylish appearance, choose a matte or satin finish.

Step 7: Embrace imperfections

  • Don’t worry about every scratch or mark
  • Accept the wood’s unique beauty and character for what they are.
  •  In a space with a basic design and neutral colors, use it as a prominent piece.


You can creatively and effortfully update your Make Cherry Wood Furniture Look Modern to fit seamlessly into your modern home design. The possibilities are endless. Painting and adding modern hardware to upholstering and refinishing. Use the wood’s innate excellence as a champion thing in your inside plan.


Is it better to paint or refinish cherry wood furniture?

Individual inclination and the condition of the decorations are deciding variables. Painting is an excellent option for a quick update. While refinishing can restore the natural beauty of the wood.

What color should I paint my cherry wood furniture?

Pick a contemporary tone that works out in a good way for your inside plan. Well-known choices for impartial varieties incorporate white, dark, and dark.

Can I mix different wood finishes in a room?

Indeed, mixing wood completions might bring about an unmistakable and fluctuated appearance. Be mindful to keep the varieties and styles as one.

Should I reupholster an entire sofa or just the cushions?

It depends on the condition of the couch and the desired look. Reupholstering the sofa as a whole can give it a new look. While just the cushions can be a more straightforward update.

Can I still use traditional décor with modern furniture?

Yes, mixing different styles can create a unique and personalized look. Try to adjust the varieties and styles to make a reasonable plan.

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