If you’re an avid player of the popular mobile game Cats and Soup, you might have noticed that there’s a lot of furniture you can collect to decorate your virtual home. But where can you find all these great things? This guide will cover all you want to be familiar with purchasing Get Furniture in Cats and Soup. We have you covered everything from gameplay fundamentals to more complex tips and tactics.A free-to-play smartphone game called Cats and Soup has grown in popularity recently. It’s a game where players collect cats and help them make Soup by gathering ingredients, cooking, and serving customers. But what sets it apart from similar games is the ability to decorate your virtual home with various pieces of furniture. Whether it’s a cozy bed for your cats to sleep on or a stylish couch for you to relax on, there’s a wide variety of items to collect and use to create your perfect virtual home.

 How to Earn Coins in Cats and Soup

Coins are the primary currency in Cats and Soup, and you’ll need them to buy furniture from the in-game store. Here are some methods for making money:

  • Cook and serve dishes to customers
  • Sell unwanted items in your inventory
  • Take part in special occasions
  • Finished daily challenges and achievements
Coins in Cats and Soup

Understanding Gems and How to Get Them

Gems are the premium currency in Cats and Soup, and you can use them to buy rare and exclusive furniture items. 

  • Purchase them with real money
  • Participate in special events and gachapon
  • Complete daily quests and achievements
  • Watch ads for free gems

Using Furniture Coupons to Get Free Items

Furniture coupons are special items for free furniture from the in-game store. Here’s how you can get them:

  • Participate in special events
  • Complete daily quests and achievements
  • Watch ads for free coupons
Furniture Coupons

Taking Advantage of the Daily Login Bonus

Cats and Soup offer a daily login bonus that rewards players with various items, including coins, gems, and furniture coupons. Make sure to log in every day to claim your rewards!

Participating in Special Events and Gachupin

Cats and Soup regularly hold special events that allow players to win rare and exclusive furniture items. You are often given a set number of tasks or challenges to finish throughout these events. Gachapon is another way to get rare items, where you spin a virtual wheel for a chance to win big.

Playing Mini-Games to Earn Rewards.

Cats and Soup features mini-games with rewards such as coins, gems, and furniture coupons. To maximize your benefits, be sure to play these games consistently! 

Trading with Other Players

If you need a particular piece of furniture or help finding it, consider trading with other players. Many online communities are dedicated to Cats and Soup, where players can change items and make new friends.

Trading with Other Players

Tips for Maximizing Your Furniture Collection

Now that you know the basics of how to get furniture in Cats and Soup, here are some tips for maximizing your collection:

Prioritize items that give your cats stat boosts:

Some furniture items provide bonuses to your cats’ stats, such as agility, strength, or stamina. To improve the performance of your cats in the game, try to collect as many of these goods as you can.

Mix and match different styles:

Feel free to mix and match furniture items from other sets to create your unique style. Try out several combinations to determine which ones are most effective for you.

Watch for limited-time items:

Cats and Soup regularly offer limited-time furniture items only temporarily. Check the in-game store regularly to make sure you get all these items.

Remember outdoor furniture:

In addition to indoor furniture, you can collect several outdoor items to decorate your virtual garden. Make sure to order these items to create a beautiful outdoor space.

Sell unwanted items:

If you have any unwanted furniture items taking up space in your inventory, consider selling them for coins. As a result, you’ll have more room and some additional money to use on other things.


In Cats and Soup, purchasing furniture may be exciting and satisfying. Following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can maximize your collection and create a virtual home you’re proud of.


Can I get furniture items without spending real money?

Yes, there are many ways to earn coins, gems, and furniture coupons in Cats and Soup without spending real money, such as completing quests, participating in events, and watching ads.

Are there any rare furniture items that are difficult to obtain?

Several unique and uncommon furniture pieces are only available on special occasions called gachapon.

Can I trade furniture items with other players?

Yes, there are many online communities where Cats and Soup players can trade items.

What should I do with unwanted furniture items?

You can sell any undesired items in your inventory for coins, which may later use to purchase other stuff.

Can I change the layout of my virtual home?

Yes, you are always free to change the arrangement of your virtual house

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